I'm not punk enough or as crusty as I should be
I don’t get fucked up too much, but I'm no longer 23
I don’t like fights at gigs or the trendy hipster crowd
And the more you’re in my face, the more I'm going to stick around

RANT. Listen to this RANT

So what the fuck does punk mean to you?
I'm asking the question, because I haven’t got a clue
My whole life has been raised on this shit
But it seems my ethics and my politics no longer seem to fit

RANT. Listen to me RANT

So I'm too PC because I don’t eat meat
I'm anti-fascist and want the Nazis of our streets
I don’t sing about it all the time as I don’t always see the point
But I'm still punk up here boys and girls and that’s what counts



from The Triads of Impairment Part 3 - Interaction, released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Brian Curran Acoustic Glasgow, UK

Brian Curran is an acoustic singer/song writer who's roots are firmly placed in the Punk / DIY Scene.

After playing in numerous bands throughout the years such as Quarantine, Disaffect, Ruin, Debris and Scatha, he has written a collection of acoustic punk songs

Always on the lookout for gig, pretty much anywhere. Get in touch via www.facebookcom/BrianCurranAcoustic
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