The Triads of Impairment Part 3 - Interaction

by Brian Curran Acoustic

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released August 6, 2015

All Music/Lyrics by Brian Curran except
Vacant - originally performed by Quarantine
Max - written and performed by Max Curran

All Guitars, Vocals - Brian Curran
Drums - Del Littlejohn
Ukulele - Max Curran

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Black Hen Recordings by Del Littlejohn

Front Cover art by Onnagh Cuinn



all rights reserved


Brian Curran Acoustic Glasgow, UK

Brian Curran is an acoustic singer/song writer who's roots are firmly placed in the Punk / DIY Scene.

After playing in numerous bands throughout the years such as Quarantine, Disaffect, Ruin, Debris and Scatha, he has written a collection of acoustic punk songs

Always on the lookout for gig, pretty much anywhere. Get in touch via www.facebookcom/BrianCurranAcoustic
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Track Name: Rant
I'm not punk enough or as crusty as I should be
I don’t get fucked up too much, but I'm no longer 23
I don’t like fights at gigs or the trendy hipster crowd
And the more you’re in my face, the more I'm going to stick around

RANT. Listen to this RANT

So what the fuck does punk mean to you?
I'm asking the question, because I haven’t got a clue
My whole life has been raised on this shit
But it seems my ethics and my politics no longer seem to fit

RANT. Listen to me RANT

So I'm too PC because I don’t eat meat
I'm anti-fascist and want the Nazis of our streets
I don’t sing about it all the time as I don’t always see the point
But I'm still punk up here boys and girls and that’s what counts

Track Name: Process
You follow a process, a process
A process with real consequence
It’s only a process, a process
That impacts on the lives of people every day
Whether they can stay here and live
or can get money to feed their kids

Follow a process, just a harmless process
Built on misguided policy
Follow the process, keep following the process
To criminalise and ostracise those most in need
And lock them up, force them out
Chew them up and spit them out in the street

From the micro to the macro
It’s all just a cycle
And they’ll grab us all by the throat
And they’ll choke and they’ll choke and choke
And refer us back
Refer us back to the start of the process.
Track Name: Ebb & Flow
I'm packed up and I'm ready to go
Take the ebb with the flow
I got paid £5 last night
If I get twenty today, I'm going to be all right

Anyone and everyone
Anything and everything
Got to put yourself out there
Anyone can change anything

I’ll have a beer and a bite to eat
Some fuel in the tank and a place to sleep
Reconnect with the network of friends
We need the means if we’re to make any change

No place for rock stars, so keep your egos at the door
There won’t be no guarantees and you’ll be happy on my floor
I've been around long enough to see who is here for the ride
So take your mask off, I've seen through your disguise

From the players to the bookers
From the scenesters to the onlookers
Everyone’s got their part to play
This aint a business, this is DIY.
Track Name: Dreams
I never wanted to be a rock star
I never wanted to have a job
I'm just a drop out, in full employment
I'm just like every poor sod out there

But hey, I can dream

I’d be lying if I didn't say
That I’d rather play guitar, than work for minimum wage
And you say I've missed the boat
But I'm telling you right now that I never even wanted to get on it

I'm living the dream

This one goes out to people like me
Stuck in a shit job and keeping it real
I may be jaded, but I'm still playing
And I'm on this stage for you all to see

Still living the dream.
Track Name: Interaction Games
I walked into a crowded room and I headed straight for the window
I put my hands over my ears and stared out to the concrete sea

Lots of white noise, so I started making some of my own
I may be standing by myself, sometimes I want to be alone

I ain't an expert, I don’t have a PhD
No special insight into ASD
But we’re all the same human kind
Accept our differences

I sometimes live in isolation in an over-crowded world
So many social cues, I don’t know what to do
can you give me a clue?

I may need you to come and take the first step
Sometimes I need help, need help to connect

I aint an expert, I don’t have a PhD
No special insight into ASD
But we’re all the same human kind
Respect our differences.
Track Name: A Drink, A Slap & A Kiss
They said he was a man
Of a certain age
He went to the pub
Came home in a drunken rage
His family walk on egg shells
For the fear of a Friday night
Stay in your bedroom
Stay out of sight

Oh darling I love you, won’t you forgive me just one more time
She’s wearing sun glasses even when the sun don’t shine

He’s got his wife by the scruff of her hair
And he’s kicking and punching her at the bottom of the stairs
He takes off his belt to his oldest daughter
Is this how you show your love?

Hey Mr Arsehole
What the fuck are you doing?
Does it make you feel so powerful?
How can you justify what you are doing?
How can you justify the things that you've done?

He says he’s sorry, he’ll never do it again
But when Friday night comes round
It’s the same routine
And she says she’s going to leave him
She’s going to change the locks
But her catholic upbringing
Means she’ll stick with her lot.
Track Name: Vacant
Your eyes seem fixed on a vision, a picture, something that you see
An everlasting fleeting glimpse
To me you look frustrated, but they tell me that you’re happy

Sitting down facing front
Staring at a wall
Sitting down facing front
Staring through a wall
Sitting down facing front
Staring at nothing at all

The brain of a child
In a broken down body and I'm not strong enough
To be in your world
They tell me that you’re happy and I hope you are.

I want to know
What do you see
What do you feel when you look at me?
What feelings and emotions do you conceal?

Sitting down facing front
Staring at a wall
Sitting down facing front
Staring through a wall
Sitting down facing front
Staring at nothing at all
Or are you?
Track Name: The Unoriginality of Being Unique
Does this sound familiar?
Well I ain't surprised
It’s not original
it’s just the same old thing
So, press play
Stick it on pause
Repeat to fade
And rehash again

Nothing is truly original
Nothing is truly unique
It’s all just different versions
Of the same old thing

Up and down this fret board
I play what I feel
If it sounds like somebody else
I’ll stick in a dischord to keep it real
I ain't to worried
About my credibility
These songs are nothing new
I take responsibility
Track Name: Til Next Time My Friends
Let’s get Beck on the phone
And tell your friends to tell everyone they know
And don’t forget those guys up north
It won’t be the same if they’re not here
Let’s get the old guard out the woodwork
It’s good to see the old faces
We don’t see enough of each other
So let’s be grateful or these times together

I never said it would be perfect
Because nothing is
I’d travel thousands of miles
For days like this

I don’t want these days to end
When’s the last time you hung out with all your friends?
Some you haven’t seen in years
And some you may never see again
So let’s raise a glass to the ones that have passed
And one for the next generation to come
Wish them luck on their journey
And look forward to the stories that’ll they’ll tell