The Triads of Impairment Part 2 - Communication

by Brian Curran Acoustic

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Part 2 of the Triads of Impairment Trilogy. This trilogy of EPs are benefits for Scottish Autism. This album is available for donation via

Pop in a donation and dont forget to include your address and i'll send a CD off to you Thanks for listening!!


released November 9, 2014

All music written and performed by - Brian Curran, except,
Invisible (Lyrics Kimm Curran, Music Brian Curran)
The Struggle (Lyrics Kimm Curran, Music Brian Curran)

Recorded at 16 Ohm with James Duffin, Mixed at Black Hen Recordings with Del Little John

Front cover artwork Sue Steele -



all rights reserved


Brian Curran Acoustic Glasgow, UK

Brian Curran is an acoustic singer/song writer who's roots are firmly placed in the Punk / DIY Scene.

After playing in numerous bands throughout the years such as Quarantine, Disaffect, Ruin, Debris and Scatha, he has written a collection of acoustic punk songs

Always on the lookout for gig, pretty much anywhere. Get in touch via www.facebookcom/BrianCurranAcoustic
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Track Name: Suffocate
I'm suffocating
I can't get out
If only I had a hammer and chisel
I would carve my way out
But with every victory blow
I seem to score an own goal
Increasing the doubt

We all need direction
To find our way through
But there's too much distraction
Obscuring the view

I think I need a holiday
A break away from my mind
We all need brain candy
We all need to lose our self control
Cause when push comes to shove
It isn't enough
And I'm a long time dead

I'm suffocating
I can't get out
I think I need a holiday
I need to lose my self control
Cause when push comes to shove
It isn't enough
And you're a long time dead
Track Name: Mould
Tune in, Tune out
No one knows what you're all about
Got a problem fitting in?
They've been on the phone again
Oh it's enough, Oh it's enough
Oh it's enough to turn anyone to drink

Are you playing?
Are you mixing?
Do you think that he understands?
Always watching, always comparing
Communication goes back and forth
What have you been up, what have you been up
What have you been up, what have you been up to today?

Square peg in a round hole
I don't want your form of control
And I wont be pigeon holed
Just to fit into your mould

I like your humour and I like your smile
It makes me happy all the while
And whilst they process, debate and discuss
Does it matter, matter at all?
Because you're happy, and I know your happy
Yeah your happy and that makes me happy too
Track Name: Invisible
Why wont you let me be
Hold me down
Like erased identity

Empty like a politicians words
Promises like sacrifice
Voice screaming

Why wont you let me be
Hold me down
Like erased complacency

Ripped apart the black
Filled with apathy


Stolen back the guilt
I've forgotten a place I dream of
Time moves so fast
Against a rushing Tide
To hide me
Track Name: Get Out the Van
1994 get out the van
Six friends having a good time
We’re going away for a couple of weeks
If you’re lucky you’ll get a postcard

It was real it was more than music
Meeting people, drinking and sharing
And OK so we couldn't play
But do you think we cared anyway?

France was cool, Spain was hot
A bird flew through a window and an eye got caught
3 Days over eating in Madrid
Until its time to go to the gig

The Italian cops pulled up over
As we ask for extras at the El Paso
Andy got tied up in Biel
And we drank in to the night with friends from Liege

I'm about ready to get back out the van
I'm only happy with a guitar in my hand
2 Decades have passed and still I can’t play
But do you think I care?
Track Name: Coping
I'm not the best at writing love songs
But there is something I’d like to address
Because I'm the one with my heart on my sleeve
And you’re the one that brings out the best

I know I sometimes get frustrated
I promise I’ll try harder for you
They say that patience is a virtue
I've just got to get better at the things I do

Do you want to go for a car trip?
Do you want to go down to the lake?
Do you want to watch a DVD,
Or spin around until something breaks?

I know they say that we’re different
But I'm pretty certain we’re on the same path
I'm hanging on and I'm not letting go
Of contagious laugh. I love your laugh

I've had people offer me advice
But you know son, you don’t have to ask twice
I am learning and the teacher is you
I'm coping, you just keep on being you.
Track Name: The Struggle
I can’t move for the walking
Heavy sleep in my eyes
Can’t speak for the talking
Telling my heart the lies
Back up against a wall
Decisions not made
I stumble then fall
Foundations not laid

I can’t leave this
I need to know
Is it possible that I fell?

Wrapped up so tight
In my own skin
Head puts up a fight
Don’t know where to begin
I can’t start for stopping
I finally opened my eyes
I gave up on talking
Telling me heart the lies
Track Name: One Step Forward
Come on, get your boots on, it’s time to get some fresh air
Open the door and take that walk down the stair
You've been inside for a very long time, I can hardly place the date
Don’t worry, I’ll support you. I promise that I won’t keep you out to late

One Step Forward
One Step at a time

There’s a whole world out there
You don’t have to explore it all at once
We can go to Pollock Park, or just walk around the house
We can walk hand in hand, share a glance and share a smile
Do all those little things, we haven’t done in a while

We've got Prozac families, it helps them all cope
In drunken anxiety, we’re keeping the people all doped
So get out of your front door, it’s time you let out a scream
It’s amazing the feeling you get when you share an ice cream
One step forward, one step at a time
And you know I’ll support you, I’ll help you any little way that I can
So go be an eccentric, it’s so much better without a plan