They said he was a man
Of a certain age
He went to the pub
Came home in a drunken rage
His family walk on egg shells
For the fear of a Friday night
Stay in your bedroom
Stay out of sight

Oh darling I love you, won’t you forgive me just one more time
She’s wearing sun glasses even when the sun don’t shine

He’s got his wife by the scruff of her hair
And he’s kicking and punching her at the bottom of the stairs
He takes off his belt to his oldest daughter
Is this how you show your love?

Hey Mr Arsehole
What the fuck are you doing?
Does it make you feel so powerful?
How can you justify what you are doing?
How can you justify the things that you've done?

He says he’s sorry, he’ll never do it again
But when Friday night comes round
It’s the same routine
And she says she’s going to leave him
She’s going to change the locks
But her catholic upbringing
Means she’ll stick with her lot.


from The Triads of Impairment Part 3 - Interaction, released August 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Brian Curran Acoustic Glasgow, UK

Brian Curran is an acoustic singer/song writer who's roots are firmly placed in the Punk / DIY Scene.

After playing in numerous bands throughout the years such as Quarantine, Disaffect, Ruin, Debris and Scatha, he has written a collection of acoustic punk songs

Always on the lookout for gig, pretty much anywhere. Get in touch via www.facebookcom/BrianCurranAcoustic
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